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With the goal of 'Cultivating Champions’ C2 Volleyball separates itself from most youth athletic programs by running K-12th Grade Satellite Camps for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced level athletes. C2 Satellite Camps not only expose participants to the highest level of training, but also help our clients cultivate the skills necessary to be successful in life. All C2 Camps are led by former Division I coaches and professional volleyball players, giving athletes an opportunity to learn from the very best in the game. 

Booking a C2 Volleyball Camp means joining the C2 Volleyball family. Our staff not only runs a fun, fast-paced, affordable camp, but we also stay in touch with your program throughout the year. Following your C2 Volleyball Camp, our staff will make themselves available to provide you with the camp outline, skill-specific drills, and elite training methods that will help your school or program develop a “champion culture” and maximize the potential in each of your athletes. 


Beginner Satellite Camps are open to K-5th grade players just starting their volleyball journey.

Instructors will focus on: 

  • Intro to Overhand & Underhand Serve
  • Intro to Passing Ready Position, Footwork, Platform Contact
  • Intro to Setting Footwork, Hand Positioning, Finish
  • Intro to Hitting Footwork, Hand Contact, Armswing
  • Intro to Defense Ready Position & Movement
  • Communication & Movement Drills
  • Intro to 6v6 Play/Rotating 


 Intermediate Satellite Camps are aimed for 6th-8th grade teams and players. 

Instructors will focus on:

  • Overhand Serving & consistency
  • Directional Passing, Platform work, & Passing Consistency 
  • Setting footwork, Target Setting, OOS Setting
  • Hitting Footwork/Arm-Swing, Shot Variations (roll shot, tip, etc.)
  • Defense Responsibilities, Posture, Platform, Reading, OH Digging
  • Communication & Movement Drills
  • 6v6 Competitive Play

 Advanced Satellite Camps are for HS aged teams and players with a strong volleyball foundation. 

Instructors will focus on: 

  • Overhand Serving Zones & Consistency
  • Directional Passing, Seam work, Team Side-Out %'s, S/R plays
  • Setting plays (MB/RS/OH's), OOS Setting
  • Hitting Footwork/Arm-Swing, Offensive Team Plays, Shot Variations, Hitting %'s
  • Team Defense, Defending Live Attackers
  • Team Culture, Competitiveness, Communication
  • 6v6 Side-Out & Transition Wash Drills


2017-2018 Satellite Camp Dates are filling up fast.

If you are interested in partnering with C2 Volleyball to host a camp for your school or team, please fill out the questionnaire below or contact us at bookings@c2volleyball.com

**Please note: Satellite Team camps require minimum of 15 athletes/session. 

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Typical Beginner/Intermediate Camps are 2 days long with 1-2 sessions/group/day. These camps cost roughly $40-$60/player. Advanced Camps are typically run as HS Camps and are 2-4 days long with 2 sessions/day costing $80-$120/player. See below for camp options and estimated costs.
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