Recruiting 101: September 1st is around the corner!



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  1. Create YouTube Channel: “Player Name, Graduation Year, Position, Jersey #”

    1. Upload full matches

    2. Create 2-5min highlight video

    3. Update YouTube channel regularly with new film

  2. Create School Contact List

    1. Visit athletic website, search under tab labeled “inside athletics”/ “staff directory”/ “About” to find list of coaches and their email/phone numbers (ALL athletic websites have this section)

    2. Create google drive excel list of schools with the following sections: School Name, Coach Name, Position (Head/Assistant/etc), Email, Phone, Notes (how they respond to you)

    3. Update this regularly

  3. Send Initial Introductory Email

    1. Follow up emails regularly with schedule, season updates, checking in etc

    2. CC HS or club coach so the colleges can respond to you

    3. Ask about camps

    4. Send updated video

  4. Make unofficial visits, go to matches, attend camps

Sample Email

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  1. Create Youtube Account with Name, Position, & Graduation Year

  2. Upload highlight and game footage from Club & HS Season (keep this footage up to date throughout the HS season)

  3. Create list of college coaches contact information (phone, email, etc.)

    1. 50-100 D1 Schools

    2. 50-100 D2 Schools

    3. 50-100 D3 Schools

    4. 50-100 NAIA Schools

  4. Email/Call colleges on your list

    1. Introduce yourself (Name, Year, HS Team, HS Coach Contact Info, Club Coach Contact Info, GPA, intended major)

    2. Ask if they are looking for a player in your position and graduating year

    3. Attach link to YouTube Channel

  5. Narrow list of colleges down by responses


  1. Email/Call college coaches on your list

    1. Re-introduce yourself and give a HS season summary

    2. Comment on their season and the results

    3. Provide updated information (new club schedule, new film, new club coach contact information, etc.).



  1. Email/Call college coaches WEEKLY

    1. Ask to set up unofficial visits

    2. Keep club film updated on YouTube Channel

    3. Call college coaches

    4. Email updated film, tournament schedules, etc. WEEKLY (remind coaches about upcoming tournaments, what time and court you play on, etc.)


  1. Email/Call college coaches WEEKLY

    1. Ask to set up unofficial visits

    2. Keep club film updated on YouTube Channel

    3. Call and send updated film, tournament schedules, etc. WEEKLY (remind coaches about upcoming tournaments, what time and court you play on, etc.)

  2. Narrow down list of colleges

  3. Register for college camps


  1. Email/Call narrowed down list of colleges

    1. Inform them that you will be attending their camp

    2. Prior to the camp request an unofficial visit or meeting

  2. Email/Call Immediately following the camp

    1. Thank the coaches for having you and continue to express your interest in the program

New D1 Rules: The NCAA just approved a new set of rules that will change the way Division 1 college coaches can recruit athletes during camps and visits in an effort to cut back on early recruiting, or coaches giving scholarship offers to athletes before their junior year of high school. The rules take effect immediately.

Official Visits: Recruits can now start taking official visits starting September 1 of their junior year of high school. In the past, official visits weren't permitted until the athlete's senior year of high school, so this rule is actually bumping them up!

Camps & Clinics: Recruits and college coaches are not allowed to have any recruiting conversations during camps prior to September 1 of the athlete's junior year of high school. Previously, there weren't really any rules that prevented coaches from talking about recruiting to underclassmen during camps. In fact, it had become common practice for college coaches to extend verbal scholarship offers to top recruits during camps.

Unofficial Visits: College athletic departments-this includes college coaches-are not allowed to be involved in a recruit's unofficial visits. Quick refresher: Unofficial visits are any campus visits paid for entirely by the recruit's family. Before the rule change, unofficial visits were an easy way for underclassmen to visit a college camps, meet with the coach and get an early verbal offer. However, if athletes want to take unofficial visits now, they cannot schedule them with the coach-they should treat the unofficial visit just like any other student would. If the recruit happens to bump into the coach on campus, they can't have any recruiting conversations at that time.

Other important information

  • Women’s Volleyball – College coaches have 80 days in which to evaluate you. They cannot exceed that number.

  • College coaches have 80 evaluation days and 20 additional evaluation days (for sand volleyball competition only).

  • College coaches can evaluate and/or contact you no more than 7 times during your senior year.

  • During your senior year a college coach cannot contact you more than 3 times.

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