DIG it! Spotlight: Kayla Caruthers

The DIG it! program gave me the confidence to pursue the sport. 

Kayla Caruthers is a member of the 2018 Adam's Park DIG it! Volleyball team. Kayla's first Dig it! experience was last year with BGCSTL Adams Park Club. At first, she was a bit shy about playing a sport in general but DIG it! sparked her interest in the sport of volleyball and she went on to play on her middle school volleyball team. When asked what she enjoys most about the program, she said that practice is fun and she enjoys learning more about the sport and playing with her teammates. 

"My favorite part of the DIG it! Volleyball season was playing in the end of the year tournament!"

Kayla's coach has described her as one of the leaders of the program believes she has a lot of potential to be successful in the sport of volleyball. 

“Kayla has a natural understanding of the sport of volleyball and her athleticism combined with her work ethic will take her very far. What I have been most impressed with, however, is her leadership, dedication, and infectious personality. Kayla is always smiling, helping her other teammates, and is a joy to be around at practices and matches. I could not be more proud of how much she has developed as a person and player.” - Head Coach, Caitlyn Vann


DIG it! Volleyball Kicks Off the Season!

The 2018 DIG it! Volleyball season has officially started and we are thrilled to announce that each of the DIG it! Volleyball teams won at least 1 set and the program won a total of 8 sets overall last Friday while competing in the Stratman Sports Developmental League

While we were excited to see the teams using the skills they’ve learned over the last 3 weeks to win matches, we were most impressed with the confidence, positivity, and enthusiasm each of the players displayed throughout the night. 

Tonight 5 of our DIG it! Volleyball team’s will play again at Center St. Louis (6727 Langley Ave Affton, MO 63123). To view the full league schedule please CLICK HERE.

Check out the video of the matches below:



DIG it! Volleyball Inc. Visits Mizzou!

On Sunday, October 23rd DIG it! Volleyball Inc. took 73 DIG it! friends and family to the University of Missouri to visit campus, meet the team, and watch the Mizzou Volleyball team take on #21 Kentucky. The trip kicked off with older players partnering with the younger volleyballers before boarding the two buses, which were filled with DIG it! participants, an international club volleyball team, local club volleyball players, and volunteers. 

Upon arriving in Columbia, MO DIG it! had lunch at Shakespeare's Pizzeria before heading to the Athletic Facility for a facility tour. After completing the facility tour, we headed over to the Hearnes Center where DIG it! cheered Mizzou to a 5-set victory over #21 Kentucky. Following the match players went through the autograph line where they could meet the team, have their posters and t-shirts signed, and take photos. The trip concluded with thank-you card writing session during our 2hour commute back to St. Louis, MO. 

"Trips like these are important, not only for the bonding experience and exposure to a Division I campus, but also because they hopefully encourage and inspire young to chase their dreams," stated DIG it! Volleyball Inc. director, Caitlyn Vann. 

To see all photos and videos from the trip please visit our Facebook or follow us on InstagramHighlight video coming soon....